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Work in NJ live in NY - received 2 w-2s from same company New York

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I live in NYC, and work in NJ. The company I work for takes out NYS, NYC and NJ taxes from my wages. I received 2 W-2 forms. One shows NJ in box 15 and the employer's state id number, and state wages and state income tax boxes filled in.

The other one shows no state in box 15, and in the Employer's state ID no. box it says "TOTAL STATE" and has no State wages filled in, but has box 17 (State income tax) filled in and an amount of almost double the NJ income tax. It also has Local wages and Local income tax filled in. I don't have a question about the local, since that is only for NYC, but for NYS tax, I am not sure if I enter the total amount in the state income tax box for the 2nd w-2 or should the NYS tax be the total amount minus the NJ amount?

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